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10 Movies that Both Ladies and Gents Will Enjoy

Picking a movie that you’ll both love may be a challenge, especially if you have different tastes. Here are some movies that can help bridge that gap! By Geninna Ariton

10 Movies that Both Ladies and Gents Will Enjoy

Girl asks the guy if they can watch a movie on their next date. Guy says yes. Girl updates guy with a list of romantic comedies showing in cinemas. Guy says okay, whatever you want. Girl and guy go to the cinemas, watch a movie. Girl goes out happy. Guy is pissed, refuses to go inside the cinemas with the girl, ever.

Or it could be the other way around. Guy wants a testosterone-filled movie that will make the girl cringe at a rate of 100 times a minute. Girl also walks out unhappy, and with palpitations. But there are ways to avoid this from happening. [Read: How to have a fun movie date]

Movies both guys and girls will enjoy

Though there is no singular “guy movie” or “girl movie” criteria, there are just some movies that will entertain women more than men, and vice versa. Here’s a list of movies that all genders are sure to enjoy.

#1 Oh Captain, My Captain. Everyone loves Captain America. And by everyone we mean every single girl who is captivated by Chris Evans’ blue eyes and macho body, and not to mention how the male species envy him for his abs and physique. He is also great in combat and is compassionate about the people we care about. He is the total package.

And what if we put in more eye candy like Thor, Iron Man, and those sexy villains? The Avengers is one of the movies that girls will swoon over the male characters and the guys will love the action, adventure, and the special effects. Perfect for a movie date.

#2 Your friendly neighborhood hero. Any comic book aficionado or any Marvel fan will definitely marvel at this gem of a movie franchise, Spider-Man. Who can’t help but love the story of the nerdy boy next door who turns into an awesome web-slinging superhero overnight?

The guys will love seeing a childhood comic book hero come to life, and the ladies will enjoy watching Andrew Garfield’s adorable antics as he sweeps Emma Stone off her feet. It’s the perfect mix of romance and action.

#3 The immense Middle Earth. The 6-movie long Lord of the Rings series is definitely one of the best date movies for both genders. First of all, the girls get a knack out of Legolas, Aragorn, and the other eye candies on the big screen. Second, the guys will definitely love the action-packed fantasy movie that has elements of intrigue, mystery and even military tactics!

Not to mention if one of you is a bookworm who is into the novel, then this movie is a plus. Add that to the fact that you can go for a whole week or even a whole month with the Lord of the Rings theme, you’ll both have a ton of stuff to talk about during your other non-movie dates.

#4 Ahoy, mates! The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy took over the big screen a couple of years ago. The movie features the sexy Johnny Depp, LOTR alum Orlando Bloom, the infinitely entertaining Geoffrey Rush, along with a slew of other veteran and newbie actors and actresses.

With adventure, intrigue, a bit of pirate mythology and whole bunch of laughs, men, women, and even children are sure to get a kick out of this swashbuckling trilogy!

#5 The ideal anti-relationship status movie. No Strings Attached captured the hearts of both the guys and the girls because of its witty, straightforward script. As posited by the movie, guys and girls cannot be just friends. This movie shows us that guys can be the emotional ones, while the girls can put up walls of ice as they hide their true feelings. With Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman in the leading roles, you simply can’t go wrong!

#6 You want a friendship with intimacy as an added bonus? Friends with Benefits is a movie that both the guy and the girl will like. Not only because of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, but the concept of the movie is something that every guy and girl can relate to.

We all want friends that we can trust, friends that we can count on whenever we need them the most, and friends that will stand by our side no matter what. If those friends of ours can be intimate with us as well, why not? This can be the perfect “Oh, look, it’s us!” movie for those who are in a friends with benefits relationship. [Read: The 25 rules of being friends with benefits]

#7 The gifted children. Professor X did a great job with his Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. The concept of the X-Men comic book by Marvel is fascinating for people of any age or gender. You’ve got the dapper Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Famke Janssen as the stunning Jean Grey, and you’ve got the Rebecca Romjin Stamos as the mysteriously svelte Mystique.

After just watching one movie from this franchise, you and your date will be left speculating about superpowers, mutation, genetic anomalies, and so much more! That’s exactly why this movie is great for dates: it leaves room for discussion. [Read: How to have an awesome date every single time]

#8 This is not a love story. In spite of being an independent film, (500) Days of Summer has touched everyone’s heart with its artistic portrayal of how the titular 500-day relationship went down. There are just some people who don’t want to put a label on their relationships, while others are so fixated on finding out what to call it.

Both genders can relate to either Tom or Summer’s character, whether you’re emotionally distant, a hopeless romantic or a fool looking for another chance at a failed relationship. [Read: 10 types of love you’ll experience in your life]

#9 Silver Linings Playbook. The actors alone will be enough reason both the guy and the girl will be entertained when watching this movie. Everyone loves Jennifer Lawrence and this movie showcased her impeccable acting chops, hence the Oscar win. Bradley Cooper, on the other hand, would make any women swoon.

The plot of the movie is also interesting, with its take on depression, manic-depressive disorders, gambling addiction and how sometimes being with the right person can help us heal.

#10 Trilogies from books. The Hunger Games, the Divergent series, the Maze Runner, etc. Any movie from books will definitely be a turn on for the girls or guys who read. The action incorporated in the storyline, plus the romance added into the mix will be the reason both genders will enjoy watching these films.

It’s also a bonus that these films are being shown one year after the other, so you can even do a marathon of the whole trilogy or you can make it a summer blockbuster ritual. Just make sure you don’t break up before the trilogies end!

[Read: Want to watch The Notebook with your guy? Here’s one way you can convince him]

These movies are all a mixture of action and romance, comedy and drama, hot women and swoon-worthy guys, an intense plot and a look into the mind of a character, to name a few. If a particular movie has all these elements, then that’s a good 90 minutes of quality time spent together!

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