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11 Date Night Movies to Get Your Partner In the Mood

Want to set the stage for a sex-fueled night in? Skip the porn and opt for a sensible storyline with a dash of artsy, sensual goodness!

date night movies

Movies have and always will be a passion for many. Glorious props, clever dialogue, exotic settings, gorgeous cast members and fantastical story lines whisk viewers away to a world unlike any other. Whether you are tuning in to fantasy, comedy, crime or drama, there is no denying that movies have a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be matched by anything else.

Instead of splurging and spending date night out and about, why not plan for a cozy night in? Intend to turn it up a notch, and move on to a sizzling night between the sheets post-movie? No problem. Hollywood boasts thousands upon thousands of movies that will fit the bill.

Movies to get your partner in the mood for some lovin’

Keep in mind that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so a movie that will get one in the mood may be mind-numbingly dull to the other. Hence, I have taken the liberty of dividing this list into two sections. Here are 11 date night movies that are sure to get your partner in the mood.

Movies he’ll love

I suppose when it comes to dudes, there isn’t really any need to pop in a movie to get him in the mood. Even if you put something gnarly on like Sophie’s Choice, he would still be able to get it up the moment you turn the television off. However, here are some sexy hits that can and will substitute foreplay.

#1 300: Rise of an Empire. Warriors, blood, betrayal, gore, war, and Eva Green’s boobies. Your man will be sweating bullets trying to keep his cool during her extremely raunchy and rough sex scene. You will probably be doing the same.

#2 Thomas Crown Affair. I recommend the version with Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan. He’s a wealthy and extremely sexy thief, whereas she’s a smart and extremely sexy cop trying to catch the thief. As expected, the chemistry between them is sizzling, and the sex scene at his place will turn on even the biggest porn-nerd.

#3 Sin City. Violence and sex aside, I think that this is a great movie that will be thoroughly enjoyed by both of you. Corruption is rampant, the graphics are great, and so is the cast, plus the sexy ladies in barely-there outfits. Not just that, all the nudity is hot. Follow it up with Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, and be treated to more nudity, this time featuring Eva Green. There is no way your man isn’t going to ravage you after these movies.

#4 Mulholland Drive. Some people love this movie, and some people hate it. It’s one of those “open to interpretation” sort of movies that drives me crazy. Either way, no one can deny that the passionate lesbian sex scene involving Naomi Watts and Laura Elena Harring is hot, hot, hot! Men love watching girl on girl action and this one is not to be missed.

#5 Wild Things. Gorgeous Neve Campbell and chesty Denise Richards making out in a pool? Goodness me. Your man is going to want to replay that scene over and over again, before fast forwarding to their threesome with Matt Dillon. Although the story isn’t Oscar-worthy, the sex scenes are definitely worth sitting through the movie for.

Movies she’ll love

If you want to impress your girl on date night, pick something within the “chick flick” genre and you will probably get her in the mood. The more romantic, the better. If you find a movie with tastefully shot sex scenes then all the better for you.

#6 The Notebook. Big city girl falls in love with small town boy. Sweet, sweet, young summer love ensues. Rich girls’ parents do not approve, and big city girl moves back to the big city, whereas small town boy stays put. Years go by, things happen and they meet again. Pure magic. Plus he builds her dream house with blue shutters. Not buying it? Come on, it’s Ryan Gosling. Need I say more? [Read: Love lessons “The Notebook” can teach a cynical heart]

#7 Dirty Dancing. The heroine’s name is Baby. The movie title has the world ‘dirty’ in it. What more could you want from a movie? All in all, you can be sure that your lady love will get all hot and spiced up after watching this movie. Sweaty grinding and touching with the sexy dance instructor? Amazing dance moves during the final dance? Passionate kissing on stage? No woman could ask for more. [Read: 10 dating insights from an 80s teen movie]

#8 Unfaithful. Boys, this may be hard to swallow, but you will be surprised at how many faithful women out there fantasize about being unfaithful. The movie’s title pretty much sums up the storyline. Even if your lady love is a goodie two shoes and swears that she has never thought of banging anyone else, even she will get a thrill out of seeing hottie Olivier Martinez shirtless and in beast mode. All the sex scenes are super hot and will get any hot blooded human in the mood.

#9 Pretty Woman. Shopping spree using someone else’s credit card? Shacking up at a five-star hotel in Beverly Hills? Finding love in the form of a fabulously rich and kind man? There is no denying that the entire plot caters to women. For lack of a better term, this movie is perhaps the ultimate form of woman porn.

#10 An Officer and a Gentleman. Guys, you will probably enjoy this flick as it touches on military aviation, tough sergeants and all that jazz. As for your lady, she gets to watch a young and handsome Richard Gere parading around in full uniform. Yummy. That final scene when he walks into the factory searching for his girlfriend in full regalia, passionately kisses her, picks her up, and carries her away? Holy moly.

#11 Jerry Mcguire. “You had me at hello.” Enough said.

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It doesn’t matter which one you pick as long as it’s something both of you would enjoy watching together. And if a movie comes with the bonus of exciting the two of you, do you need anything more? Have fun on date night!

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