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online dating

8 Great Reasons Online Dating is Worth a Shot

Hesitant to give online dating a try? Still think it’s a trashy trend? Here are 8 reasons that just might change your mind about finding love online.

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moves guys forget on dates

11 Classic Moves Guys Always Forget to Do on Dates

These classic effective moves have worked for ages on different women. All guys need to do on dates is do these and each date should be awesome!

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why girls should ask guys out directly

14 Reasons Why Girls should Ask Men Out Directly

Every girl needs a strong man, yet to get a strong man, you need to be a strong woman. So here are reasons to woman-up and make the first move!

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why girls fall for douchebags

8 Reasons Gorgeous Girls Fall for the Douchebags

Why are there women who put up with being treated badly by their guys? From a girl’s standpoint, here are a number of plausible reasons.

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The Nerdy Guy: What Makes One & 15 Reasons They’re a Real Catch

It’s not news that nerdy guys are now the new hotties in the dating world. Whether it’s because of their wisdom or cute quirks, keep reading to find out!

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