They say life is a roller coaster ride, so I’m here, trying my bit (virtually of course) to make your ride worthwhile. Ups and downs are inevitable, but how you perceive things is what matters. I’m just your next-door neighbor, ripe from experiences of life, here to tell you what it really means to “live”! Take your drink, kick back and relax, we’re just getting started!

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how to motivate your man

How to Motivate Your Man And Make Him Feel Like a Champion Again

Want to know how to cheer up your man when he’s down? Follow these nine tips for how to motivate your man, and he will be back to normal in no time!

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
differences in relationship

How to Accept Your Differences for Relationship Success

Opposites attract, right? But opposites don’t always get along that well. How can you accept your differences as a couple?

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
make your life worse

12 Simple Things You Do to Make Your Life Much Worse

Has life been unfair to you? You may think the issue is external, but the problem is in you. These are 12 things you do to make your life worse.

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
dumb things in love

Dumb Things We Do In The Name Of That 4-Letter Word: Love

Love is a beautiful emotion to experience, but sometimes love can mean “Loss Of Vital Energy,” because of the dumb things we do in the name of love!

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
why I should never have gotten married

Why I Never Should Have Gotten Married – A Confession

Are you married? There are times when you might feel that it’s the worst thing you have done to yourself. If so, here’s my confession.

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans

How to Date an Adrenaline Junkie without Risking Death

Are you in love with someone who constantly craves death defying risks and challenges to feel alive? You may be in love with an adrenaline junkie!

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
how to help a friend get over a breakup

8 Healing Steps to Help a Friend Get Over a Breakup

When love comes crashing down after a breakup, it can be an overwhelming experience for anyone. Here are some ways to help a friend mend a broken heart.

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
difficult in-laws

6 Practical Ways to *Put Up* Deal with Difficult In-Laws

Do you sometimes wonder if your in-laws are deliberately trying to make your life a living hell? You’re not alone. Here’s how to handle it.

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
go from dating to in a relationship

5 Big Changes when You Go from Dating to a Relationship

You’re finally in an official relationship with the one you were dating. It’s a big step, and you know for sure that changes are coming your way.

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans
relationship with opposite

Having a Great Relationship with Your Total Opposite

I like cats, he likes dogs. I like the lights on, he wants ‘em off! Is it a deal breaker? No! Your relationship can work even if you’re opposites!

Lakeisha_Ethans by Lakeisha Ethans