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What’s love, you may ask. For many, love is many things. It is romance, fairy tales, sex, a skip in the heart, a flattering arm candy, or someone to spend the night with.

But love is more than all of that. Love is a series of coincidences that changes your life.

You can helplessly watch your whole life go by, unable to steer or rein it because you don’t control your life. Love does. For better or for worse.

Ironic, isn’t it, especially when you think you’re the one who chooses the life you wish to live? In reality, it’s your love for a special material possession or a special someone that marks all your achievements in life with little fluorescent bookmark post-its.

What’s LovePanky got to do with your life?

Quite a lot really.

LovePanky is a website dedicated to women and men who wish to learn more about love and relationships, and understand the little nuances of the heart that can change lives for the better.

Started in 2011, and reaching out to over 7.5 million singles and couples every month, LovePanky is a leader in the realm of relationships for men and women, voicing experiences and insights into love, so men and women can better understand relationships and lead happier and more fulfilling lives.

A riddle in love could seem trivial to a few, but it could make a world of a difference to many others. At LovePanky, we understand that. As simple as a relationship can seem, it can be just as complicated. All of us need a helping hand once in a while to understand circumstances that love throws at us, and deal with it in a manner that would make us better individuals and experience better relationships, and ultimately have a better life.

At LovePanky, we delve deep into understanding oneself, relationships, and life in all its hues and reveal features to our readers that can help them become better in the matters of the heart.

We’re dedicated to changing romance and relationships for the better, and we help several thousand men and women overcome obstacles in their love lives every day.

Stay with us and we assure you, we’ll change your life for the better, for the person that you are and for the person that’s given their heart to you.

We aren’t promising to eliminate heartbreaks in the world. But we assure you, we’re working hard to do just that!


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The LovePanky Team